Plan Your 2019 Christmas, Hanukah, Or New Years Wedding

Plan Your 2019 Christmas, Hanukah, Or New Years Wedding

There are a few times during the year when we equate festivities with fun, happiness, family, friends, LOVE, and the FUTURE… and a Christmas, Hanukah, or New Years wedding fulfills the wedding of your dreams!

Now that the idea is a winner for you as a couple and your friends and family, where is the best destination? While there are many exquisite choices worldwide, Susan Clegg, Founder of Starfish Events Bahamas, feels The Bahamas is the best wedding location and Starfish Events Bahamas is your perfect choice – hands down one of the best event planners within the industry.

Why The Bahamas?

It is difficult to argue that the Bahamas is indeed a Paradise. An Island Paradise during the Holiday Christmas Season – wow, just picture that in your mind for a moment! Tropical weather yet not too hot, the festival celebrations the Bahamas has to offer during the holiday season, New Years Junkaboo Parade, the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and the assortment of concerts. The hotels and other tourist areas come alive this time of year in a special way.


For the golf enthusiast, the pristine golf resorts in the Bahamas add to the allure of a wedding or corporate event. Many golf resorts include other amenities such as luxury hotels and spas. Something for everyone – with views of the ocean or a tropical landscape. Some of the more popular golf resorts include:

  • Baker’s Bay Golf Club – The Abacos
  • Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Course – The Exumas
  • Great Harbour Cay Golf Course – The Berry Islands
  • Ruby Golf Course – Freeport
  • The Royal Blue Golf Club – Nassau, Paradise Island
  • Treasure Cay Golf Club – The Abacos
  • Ocean Club Golf Course – Nassau, Paradise Island
  • Fortune Hills Golf and Country Club – Freeport


While we often say there are around 30 islands in the Bahamas, the truth is there are as many as 700 islands and 2,400 cays. The Bahamas archipelago spans 760 miles with the western islands only 44 miles from Florida. With a stunning view of ocean life visible in the clear waters, a boat excursion is a dream come true. What a memory to add to your holiday wedding! Some of the more popular boating marinas and boating companies are:

  • Out Island Explorers – The Exumas
  • Blue Marlin Cove and Marina
  • Coastline Adventures Exuma
  • Lucayan Harbour Cruise
  • Spanish Wells Yacht Haven
  • Sunrise Resort Marina
  • Bahamas Marine Adventures
  • Palm Cay Marina


A scenic excursion on a boat is great, but why not include fishing to the equation?

Choose from deep sea fishing, fly fishing, or reef fishing. Some of the venues to consider are:

  • Exuma Cays Adventures
  • Born Free Fishing and Charters
  • Boat Harbour Marina
  • Jus 1 Danz Boat Tours

Water Sports

If seeking adventures in the water interests you, the Bahamas does not disappoint. There are many water sports for you to consider. There are superb locations, some in resorts and some outside, where you can find:

  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Kite-boarding
  • Parasailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Water Skiing


If you want to spend Christmas at home and then head to one of the most special days of your life – your wedding – start 2019 with the Junkanoo New Years parade with the knowledge the new year brings endless possibilities to you as a married couple.

Do you want to start your wedding celebration before Christmas? No problem! We can create the perfect ambiance to meet your budget and the size of the party. After the wedding, let Starfish Events Bahamas help you plan your Bahamas honeymoon – select a quiet and romantic hideaway or island hop to more than 30 main Bahamian islands to your heart’s content.

The Nassau Paradise Island, The Abacos, Exuma, Andros Bahamas, Harbor Island, Eleuthera, Bimini or Long Island are some of our client’s favorite choices. Your future awaits you – let your future begin with your wedding.

Contact Susan to learn about many of the special events happening during this time of year, and also to book your wedding early and receive a special gift from Starfish Events Bahamas! We offer complimentary consulting. Get to know us.

Any event can be stressful, and a wedding is no exception. There is no question that a wedding planner is essential when planning your wedding budget, but it is really one of the most important expenditures in your budget. All weddings need a wedding planner, but destination weddings REQUIRE one. Handle the aspects of your wedding you want to handle and allow your ‘special assistant’ do the rest. Enjoy your special wedding day!

We can go on and on about the endless possibilities for a Holiday wedding and the reasons why Starfish Events is your perfect partner. What we’d like to do is get your input. If you were married in the Bahamas or at Christmas or New Years, tell us your ideas. If you are thinking about getting married then, use the Comment section below or on our website to give us your thoughts, ask your questions and get the conversation started.

The 10 Best Wedding Locations in the Bahamas, Pt. 1

The 10 Best Wedding Locations in the Bahamas, Pt. 1

If you’re looking at hosting your destination wedding in The Bahamas, you’re spoiled for choice.

It features dozens of different beaches… a myriad of luxury resorts, beachside boutique hotels, and eco-lodges… charming towns and villages… beautiful natural surroundings… and other ideal venues spread across the country’s 700 islands, 40 of which are populated, including Exuma, Grand Bahama, Abaco, New Providence, Eleuthera, and more.

No matter where you go, you’ll enjoy warm weather, sunny days, welcoming people, and a laidback island vibe. It’s the perfect backdrop to your special day. Picture crystal clear blue water, white sands, swaying palm trees, tropical foliage, blue skies… maybe a steel drum soundtrack?

With 40 populated islands and dozens of beautiful beaches, not to mention picturesque natural areas, villages, and communities, it’s the perfect setting for your wedding and perhaps even your honeymoon.

1. The Cloisters, Nassau, Paradise Island

It’s hard to believe but there is a 14th century monastery made of stone in The Bahamas. It was brought over piece by piece from its original home and rebuilt on Paradise Island, overlooking Nassau Harbor.

These days it’s a very popular venue for weddings with its stone arches and manicured gardens – a historic and dramatic backdrop for your ceremony. And just imagine the photos you can get in such a setting.

2. Tiamo Resort, South Andros

You won’t be “roughing it” at this eco-lodge on one of The Bahama’s most pristine and undeveloped islands. It’s a luxury resort with an environmentally friendly twist that seeks to blend the resort experience with natural beauty. It’s ideal for a white sand beach wedding.

3. Old Fort Bay, New Providence

The centerpiece of this exclusive waterfront community known as Old Fort Bay is a restored 17th century colonial fort. Imagine immersing yourself in its rustic charms.

A bonus: because this venue has indoor and outdoor areas, you can handle any sort of weather conditions for your wedding in The Bahamas. And because there are plenty of vacation rentals, including those on the water, in the community, you and your guests have plenty of places to stay.

4. One & Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island

Featuring extensive, exquisitely landscaped grounds, romantic gardens, and a white-sand beach, you have several possible locations for your wedding in The Bahamas at this luxury resort property. There’s also a spa, golf course, and daily yoga classes – fun for you and your guests.

5. British Colonial Hilton Nassau

Situated in the heart of Nassau, this classic hotel features a private beach. That means a very intimate wedding ceremony for you, your new spouse, and all your invited guests. Plus, the fun activities available in Nassau are on hand during your entire stay.

Bonus Pick #6 – Harbour Island

Have you ever seen pink sand? It’s not very common around the world. But you’ll find it in abundance on the long secluded beaches of Harbour Island’s eastern shore. It’s a picture postcard perfect backdrop for your beach wedding… with few tourists to disturb you.

Keep in mind that Harbour Island is very exclusive and high-end. Here are some resorts you might check out: Pink Sands Resort, Coral Sands Hotel, Ocean View Club, and The Otherside.

Your Next Steps

There are so many beautiful locations and venues for a wedding in The Bahamas. It’s hard to pick the best ones. We’ll be back soon with the next five that we feel are head and shoulders above the rest thanks to factors like convenience, natural beauty, picturesque views, and appealing beaches.

And right now, why not check out these locations more in-depth to see if they might fit with your wedding plans.

Why You Should Hire an On-Site, Professional Planner for Your Next Corporate Event

Why You Should Hire an On-Site, Professional Planner for Your Next Corporate Event

You’re heading to The Bahamas for an important corporate event for your business. That’s a great idea. The island vibe, the beautiful setting, the warm weather, ocean views… you’re sure to wow your clients, employees, executives, or whoever else your attendees will be.

But don’t rush to start planning your event just yet.

In this case, there’s simply no substitute for hiring a locally based professional event planner to help you coordinate the event from start to execution. Yes, even if your company has a staff event planner. Of course, remember that your event planner in The Bahamas will be working for you, translating your vision for a perfect corporate event into reality.

Here’s why hiring an event planner makes sense:

1. A Local Corporate Event Planner Has Local Knowledge

There are 40 populated islands in The Bahamas, some very developed, some very remote. And there are many resorts, hotels, beaches, restaurants, and other venues for your event.

A professional event planner will know the best place that fits your needs for your particular event. You cannot figure this out yourself simply looking online. Too often, pretty pictures or descriptions on websites can be deceiving.

A local planner will also know the best days and times throughout the year to hold an event. For example, in rainy times of year, they’ll know not to hold an event outdoors.

2. Local Contacts Are Key

Corporate events can consist of many things: a big dinner, meetings cocktail parties, group tours and excursions, exhibit halls, musical entertainment… the list goes on. Trying to find those service providers and vendors in The Bahamas while you’re outside the country is very difficult, at least finding quality ones will be.

An event planner based there has existing relationships with service providers across the board like caterers, musicians, AV technicians, equipment rental companies, and more. And they know who’s good so you can know you don’t have to worry about that aspect of your event.

3. You Can Get the Best Deals and Save Money

This goes right along with #2. Because the event planner in The Bahamas knows the community and different vendors, they can often get much better deals on the services and materials that you need for your event.

Renting out a venue will be cheaper, for example, or you’ll get little extras that most companies don’t get. It’s all about relationships.

4. You Can Rest Assured Your Event Will Go Smoothly

Planning a big corporate event can be stressful. There are so many moving parts. Trying to plan an event in a place you’ve never been by simply contacting people online and by phone adds a whole other level of stress.

By having an events planner in The Bahamas on the ground, working for you, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Someone with local contacts, with knowledge of the best venues and vendors for your corporate event, but also working for you personally, will ensure that your event goes smoothly and makes your attendees happy.

Five Secrets to a Successful Beach Wedding

Five Secrets to a Successful Beach Wedding

It’s your dream. A distinctive and fun beach wedding, you say your vows with your toes in the sand surrounded by your closest family and friends.

And what better place to do it than the sunny seaside of The Bahamas. You have more than 40 populated islands and countless beaches to choose from – you’re sure to find your perfect spot. (I’m from The Bahamas and know it well, by the way, so I’ll be happy to help you in your search.) It will be your destination wedding in paradise.

A beach wedding might be relatively simple. The venue is free. The guest list for destination weddings in The Bahamas is usually fairly small. And set up is generally minimal, unless you hold the reception on the beach too.

But there are some things to consider to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. Here are five secrets to help make your Bahamas wedding go smoothly – let’s make it a truly special day.

1. Pick Your Beach Carefully

You have a surprising large amount of options when it comes to a beach wedding. And with dozens, if not hundreds, of potential spots for your wedding, you want to make sure you pick the right one.

Do you want to be right on the sand? Would you prefer a spot in grassy area just off the beach… or perhaps on the grounds of a beachfront hotel? If you’re having a reception, is the beach you pick close by… even walking distance? Is it a quiet location with a bit of privacy? Is it photogenic – for those all-important wedding photos?

There are many things to consider when picking a beach for your destination wedding in The Bahamas. So do your research. Check online forums, Facebook groups, and Instagram for beach wedding locations and photos posted by brides and wedding planners. You should also reach out to a wedding planner in The Bahamas to get suggestions for a venue.

2. Send Out Your Invitations Early – and Be Specific

A destination wedding usually features a much smaller guest list than if you got married at home. With work and family responsibilities and the cost of travel and accommodations, some people just won’t be able to make it. And that’s why you chose a beach wedding, right? To keep it simple.

Be sure to send out your invitations early. Give people plenty of time to book flights and hotels – they’ll probably save money and thank you for it. And it’ll give them time to accommodate your wedding with their schedule.

Also, when sending out your invitations, tell your guest exactly where the wedding will be, so their hotel can be nearby. You could even include or suggest hotels. Oh, and it’s always a good idea to mention the attire. You could have a tropical theme – flip flops and tropical shirts okay… or go totally formal.

3. Use a Wedding Planner with Local Knowledge and Contacts

A wedding planner can make sure the beach you choose is appropriate. For example, there might be construction of a hotel in one spot – you won’t be able to get that scoop online. Or perhaps a certain beach gets very crowded and noisy on weekends. As a wedding planner in The Bahamas I make it my business to keep an eye on the status of popular beach wedding locations.

Also, by having trusted local contacts who do their jobs, like photographers, officiants to actually perform the ceremony, caterers, and entertainers, a professional wedding planner can ensure that you don’t have to worry about any of those details – you focus on your wedding vows! A wedding planner can also make sure your wedding is legal – and get you the necessary documents to take back home.

4. Plan Out the Ceremony – and What Happens Before and After

It could be tempting when people have weddings in The Bahamas to just wing it. The vibe at a beach wedding is naturally informal. But you won’t want people to be confused about where they should be and when, if photos are being take before or after the ceremony, and where the reception is and how to get there. If transportation has been organized – make sure everybody knows how to catch the shuttle.

I’m not saying you have to babysit your guests but do keep in mind they’re in an unfamiliar country so try to make it easy for them. A wedding planner who can outline and plan the “flow” of your wedding is key.

5. Have a Backup Plan

This is not the ideal scenario by any means. But being outdoors, weather can be a factor in the success of your beach wedding. If it’s a really breezy day, or it’s raining… it will be time to move the ceremony indoors somewhere. Weather conditions can change quickly, so it’s important that you have a backup plan in place from the beginning so you can smoothly get yourself and the guests to the new location without too much effort.

You don’t want this to happen on your wedding day, but it’s best to be prepared.

Dazzle Clients with a Unique Corporate Event

Dazzle Clients with a Unique Corporate Event

Even though in these modern times, when so much of business is done online or over the phone, people still crave person-to-person contact. Maybe your business needs a corporate event?

When you’re looking to hire a business to do a service for you or putting together a deal, especially when large sums of money are involved, you get a better feeling if you’ve met in-person. And for existing clients, you want to reward them personally for being a valued customer.

And what better way to make that connection than through a social gathering where people can chat informally, get to know each other, have fun, and maybe even have an adult beverage or two.

I’m talking a corporate event. This is much more than just a simple party that you just randomly put together. You should have a clear, specific purpose for your event. Your goal is to wow clients, impress them, and compel them to do business with you.

There are many ways to host a corporate event. You could have a cocktail party, perhaps with a live band, at a hotel. You could rent out a restaurant, bar, or nightclub. You could set up a bar and tables on the beach and have a barbecue. A fun event would be to hire a boat for an afternoon and sunset cruise. It could be a golf tournament or a fishing trip.

All of these are possible party types. But you have to investigate which one will appeal most to your clients because the décor, the style, the activities, the location… all of that will determine what type of event you put on. How many people you invite – not to mention your budget – will also determine the scale and scope.

Wherever you go the idea is to create an atmosphere and vibe that makes your guests feel comfortable and sets the stage for quality networking and deal making.

The Bahamas is an ideal place for a corporate event. It’s relatively close to the United States and flights are affordable and quick. As a tourism destination, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and other possible venues. And, of course, it’s a warm and sunny with beautiful beaches… who can resist an invitation like that?

At the heart of a successful corporate event is your events planner. This is not something you can leave in the hands of an intern or administrative assistant. Having something go wrong at an event, could spell disaster for your company and certainly harm your reputation with your clients and customers.

A professional planner:

  • Knows how to put on the best event possible within your budget.
  • Creates a schedule and to-do list so that by the day of the event, everything is ready.
  • Has local contacts for venues, entertainment, food and drink, transportation, and the other aspects that go together for a winning event.
  • And most importantly they can translate your vision and your goals for the event, like landing new clients, into a reality.

It may be a party. But there’s still intensive planning involved to make sure things go smoothly and your guests feel well taken care of. You want something classy and well-organized that shows your clients how professional you are.

Your first step now? Figure out if a corporate event will work for your business. And then contact an event planner as soon as possible.