You’re heading to The Bahamas for an important corporate event for your business. That’s a great idea. The island vibe, the beautiful setting, the warm weather, ocean views… you’re sure to wow your clients, employees, executives, or whoever else your attendees will be.

But don’t rush to start planning your event just yet.

In this case, there’s simply no substitute for hiring a locally based professional event planner to help you coordinate the event from start to execution. Yes, even if your company has a staff event planner. Of course, remember that your event planner in The Bahamas will be working for you, translating your vision for a perfect corporate event into reality.

Here’s why hiring an event planner makes sense:

1. A Local Corporate Event Planner Has Local Knowledge

There are 40 populated islands in The Bahamas, some very developed, some very remote. And there are many resorts, hotels, beaches, restaurants, and other venues for your event.

A professional event planner will know the best place that fits your needs for your particular event. You cannot figure this out yourself simply looking online. Too often, pretty pictures or descriptions on websites can be deceiving.

A local planner will also know the best days and times throughout the year to hold an event. For example, in rainy times of year, they’ll know not to hold an event outdoors.

2. Local Contacts Are Key

Corporate events can consist of many things: a big dinner, meetings cocktail parties, group tours and excursions, exhibit halls, musical entertainment… the list goes on. Trying to find those service providers and vendors in The Bahamas while you’re outside the country is very difficult, at least finding quality ones will be.

An event planner based there has existing relationships with service providers across the board like caterers, musicians, AV technicians, equipment rental companies, and more. And they know who’s good so you can know you don’t have to worry about that aspect of your event.

3. You Can Get the Best Deals and Save Money

This goes right along with #2. Because the event planner in The Bahamas knows the community and different vendors, they can often get much better deals on the services and materials that you need for your event.

Renting out a venue will be cheaper, for example, or you’ll get little extras that most companies don’t get. It’s all about relationships.

4. You Can Rest Assured Your Event Will Go Smoothly

Planning a big corporate event can be stressful. There are so many moving parts. Trying to plan an event in a place you’ve never been by simply contacting people online and by phone adds a whole other level of stress.

By having an events planner in The Bahamas on the ground, working for you, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Someone with local contacts, with knowledge of the best venues and vendors for your corporate event, but also working for you personally, will ensure that your event goes smoothly and makes your attendees happy.