Even though in these modern times, when so much of business is done online or over the phone, people still crave person-to-person contact. Maybe your business needs a corporate event?

When you’re looking to hire a business to do a service for you or putting together a deal, especially when large sums of money are involved, you get a better feeling if you’ve met in-person. And for existing clients, you want to reward them personally for being a valued customer.

And what better way to make that connection than through a social gathering where people can chat informally, get to know each other, have fun, and maybe even have an adult beverage or two.

I’m talking a corporate event. This is much more than just a simple party that you just randomly put together. You should have a clear, specific purpose for your event. Your goal is to wow clients, impress them, and compel them to do business with you.

There are many ways to host a corporate event. You could have a cocktail party, perhaps with a live band, at a hotel. You could rent out a restaurant, bar, or nightclub. You could set up a bar and tables on the beach and have a barbecue. A fun event would be to hire a boat for an afternoon and sunset cruise. It could be a golf tournament or a fishing trip.

All of these are possible party types. But you have to investigate which one will appeal most to your clients because the décor, the style, the activities, the location… all of that will determine what type of event you put on. How many people you invite – not to mention your budget – will also determine the scale and scope.

Wherever you go the idea is to create an atmosphere and vibe that makes your guests feel comfortable and sets the stage for quality networking and deal making.

The Bahamas is an ideal place for a corporate event. It’s relatively close to the United States and flights are affordable and quick. As a tourism destination, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and other possible venues. And, of course, it’s a warm and sunny with beautiful beaches… who can resist an invitation like that?

At the heart of a successful corporate event is your events planner. This is not something you can leave in the hands of an intern or administrative assistant. Having something go wrong at an event, could spell disaster for your company and certainly harm your reputation with your clients and customers.

A professional planner:

  • Knows how to put on the best event possible within your budget.
  • Creates a schedule and to-do list so that by the day of the event, everything is ready.
  • Has local contacts for venues, entertainment, food and drink, transportation, and the other aspects that go together for a winning event.
  • And most importantly they can translate your vision and your goals for the event, like landing new clients, into a reality.

It may be a party. But there’s still intensive planning involved to make sure things go smoothly and your guests feel well taken care of. You want something classy and well-organized that shows your clients how professional you are.

Your first step now? Figure out if a corporate event will work for your business. And then contact an event planner as soon as possible.